Docker – Useful commands

Here are few useful commands for Docker which I am using. So I summarized them here:

Show only IDs of running docker containersdocker ps -a -q
Stop all docker containersdocker stop $(docker ps -a -q)
Remove all docker containersdocker rm $(docker ps -a -q)
Show only IDs of all docker imagesdocker images -q
Remove all docker imagesdocker rmi $(docker images -q)
Show docker client (server) versiondocker version -f {{.Client.Version}}
docker version -f {{.Server.Version}}
Show docker stats for running containersdocker stats
Show docker stats for running containers with container names instead of container IDdocker stats $(docker ps --format={{.Names}})

How to get another part of docker version?

You can get everything from docker version result which looks like this:

Version:      1.12.1
API version:  1.24
Go version:   go1.7
Git commit:   23cf638
OS/Arch:      darwin/amd64

Version:      1.12.6
API version:  1.24
Go version:   go1.6.4
Git commit:   78d1802
Built:        Wed Jan 11 00:23:16 2017
OS/Arch:      linux/amd64

And then call docker version -f {{.Part.Info}}  where Part is Client or Server value (block of information from version command) and Info replace with certain which you need.

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